Work is Being Re-Invented

It seems we are all being asked to look deeply into our work, and see if it is still needed, or wanted, with the way the world is changing every single day.

Are we still relevant?

Is our work still needed?

Is our work redundant?

Do we have God in our work?

Now, I won't be so quick to agree with those who are molding the world to become an AI (artificial intelligence) world, for God created humans.

He didn't create robots.

Why would we want our world to be run by robots?

Sure, behind every algorithm, and robot, is a human mind.

But, the question is, what kind of heart did that human mind have?

Does he/she care about others?

Do they honor life as God wants us to?

Do they believe in SCRIPTURE?

Do they have love for Jesus?

So, I'm not really into turning the world into a world run by robots.

Robots don't have heart.

Only a person who loves Christ, and is being instructed by the Holy Spirit each day, can be a trustworthy worker, and leader.

Don't get carried away by gadgets.

Focus on what God wants.

What did Jesus teach us?

What is the Holy Spirit instructing us?

Please don't be so quick to scrap humans out of the life and work equation.

We're close to eight billion people now.

How can the lords of the earth eliminate such a population?

As if God would allow that.

As if God would not want us to use the gifts He gave us.

But one thing seems to be certain.

Our work needs to be re-invented.

We need more heart.

We need CHRIST.

Without Christ, our work means nothing.

It's just robotic, mechanical, heartless.

The world's old industries, corporations, and institutions are being challenged.

Tourism, education, finance, marketing, fashion, entertainment, sports, politics, construction, and religion seem to have taken a beating.*

What is the lesson there?

Methinks, it's enough of greed, vanity, self-absorption, desire for power, and world domination.

It's time to put back Christ in our hearts, and in our work.

I became a born-again Christian, two months before the covid crisis last year.

I dreamt of three molecular biologists in my "church" dream.

They were so worried, they almost failed to notice my presence.

That was a dream of nearly 20 years ago.

God was really telling me something.

And I sure am listening.

My work has shifted.

I now write for CHRIST.

I am being "instructed" each day.

No other work matters but serving CHRIST.

Do you care to serve Christ, too?

I hope you have it in your heart to do so.

Every day is a golden opportunity to serve the LORD.

If you wish to know more about Jesus, please read my posts here.

Thank you, and I wish you the very best work of your life, as guided by Spirit, and the Grace of God!

(*For the longest time, I struggled to keep doing all the work I used to do in some of those industries, but it seemed, nothing worked anymore. I often wondered why. But I kept at it, until one day, I surrendered to God on 6 September 2019, and asked what He wanted me to do. I had to become a born-again Christian first, get to know SCRIPTURE, was guided to read Genesis, the Four Gospels, the Book of Revelation, and afterwards, understanding the Holy Trinity of God began. My work has progressed beautifully, and I serve God alone.)