On Job Titles

When you work for others, prepare that your job title may change, once you've been hired. 

Has that ever happened to you? 

Haha, it's happened to me twice, many years ago, and they were not upgrades. 

After passing all the interviews, was given an I.D., and was about to work the following day, I learned that my job at a national ballet company, from marketing head, became marketing "officer". 

I walked the vast grounds, taking in the bay air, mulling that sudden change, looked at my I.D., and said, "Nah!" 

I didn't show up the following day. 

In another instance, I was also hired to be head of marketing of a near-defunct weaving company, whose owner had died. 

All interviews and negotiations went well. 

As the days wore on, and meetings ensued, suddenly, the job title shifted radically. 

They now expected I merely do social media work. 

The owner had become fixated on creating sales, merely through the website.

I won't even begin to tell you how they "murdered" my position, and marketing strategy. 

Of course, I know that sometimes, my presence and passion can be threatening to many who wanted my position, or who didn't want me to become too "big" (as if that mattered to me), so they did their internal politics and hit my job title. 

Again, I had to leave that job. 

I'm all about respect, and consistency. 

You don't hire people, just so you can jumble their brains, and job title. 

That creates conflict, especially if a sincere worker like myself, is already putting a program in place, working within the parameters of the job. 

How people, and companies, love to interfere with job titles, especially if they see you becoming so good at what you do. 

Precisely why they hired you, right? 

Thing is, they forgot they hired you to do that in the first place. 

They started biting the hand that would have done that, and that's so very weird. 

Obviously, there's no respect, leadership, and professionalism in place. 

Of course, when I left or didn't show up, they thought I lacked professionalism. 

I think it's better when kids play-act. 

"Okay, I'm the boss. You guys follow me." 

And everyone wrinkles their nose, smiling, giggling, and says in unison, "Okay, boss!" 

And the tiny boss lords it over, enjoying how many "slaves" he has, sitting like a fat, over-fed emperor.  

And the tiny workers act like busy ants, falling all over themselves, afraid to "displease" the boss. 

There is no bureaucracy with kids. 

There is only bureau-crazy. 

Or burrow-crazy. 

And sometimes, borrow-crazy. 

But adults are a different matter. 

Anyway, that's the past. 

I'm done with that. 

I'm merely pointing out to you my own work experiences, which are quite a bunch. 

And surely, you have your own stories to share. 

I prefer being a solo entrepreneur. 

I can think, and act, on my feet. 

It's either make, or break, no in-between. 

These days, even course titles have upgraded. 

Accounting has now become "Accountancy". 

There are also so many branches of Commerce, like FinMan, or Financial Management. 

One would think they've got fins, and are fishes. 

I was watching an Irving Berlin documentary earlier. 

Where he was branded as a "songwriter", others prefer to call themselves "lyricist" now. 


From writers, people would rather be called "bloggers", or "authors". 

Where before, there were only accountants, auditors, and bookkeepers, now, they have to answer to a CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

Surely, you also know how many layers of vice-presidents there are in organizations, or even managers, and middle-managers.

Consumers and customers are paying for that extra load from top-heavy management.

Now you know why you're paying a lot for products and services, and why there are delays in delivery of such.

My head spins with all the variations, making me laugh so hard. 

Well, I'm one to laugh. 

I used to mind they "murdered" those two jobs I spoke of at the start of this article. 

Now, I still ain't gonna work for them. 

I now work for Christ. 

I am in His service. 

I am His servant. 

And I serve you, too, by writing this from my heart. 

I'm done with the ways of the world. 

I asked God to appoint me in His service instead. 

I asked He define me in His service. 

I don't care what title God gives me. 

But surely, He won't treat me like those two companies did. 

God knows my heart. 

He created me. 

So, I trust only God. 

Would you like to know how to work for God?

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P.S. Just an interesting note. I just realized today is May 1, Labor Day. How very fitting.