How God Positioned Me to Do the Work I'm Doing Now

I suppose I had always been trusting of God.

I didn't mope, or turn morose, when work or business didn't work for me anymore.

So, for this post, I'll share a few things about the work I've done since God thought it best to put me back in my hometown in 2001 -- despite my long-standing resistance.

I had been away for nearly 15 years, having lived and worked in the big city, and wasn't hot about going back to the small city.

Perhaps, if I recounted my own story, it may have some semblance with your own, so here goes.

Simply put, I seemed to have most everything a person could want -- measured from a big city's point of view -- until slowly, steadily, things began falling apart.

God literally took everything I had, or owned, for if He didn't, I'd have stayed in the big city, longer than I needed to.

And He knew I was no quitter.

I'd keep at it, till there was nothing more to do.

So, He took EVERYTHING away.

Finding all attempts at recouping previous success futile, I went back home -- penniless, with just the clothes on my back, and a regular-sized bag -- and rejoined my family.

My father had passed on in fall of 1999, so that meant, my amazing mother had been managing for two years, surviving the loss of my father.

Rejoining my family, I wondered what work I'd do now.

Where before, work was easy, now, work had become difficult.

In the big city, I'd gone through the whole gamut of art, design, photojournalism, retail, business communications lectures, and entrepreneurship.

What was I to do back home?

God took pity on my proud heart, and gave me brief jobs like magazine writing for a whole year (I began writing esoteric stuff in 2002, and the Manila editor liked my work).

Those were my pre-laptop days, and would type hard copies of my work, and mail to the editor.

To get paid, I had to make a day trip 250 kilometers away, to receive my check, after a month of its publication.

The next year, God also thought it would be a good idea I teach eager, and reluctant students, beginner's piano.

Sure, I could teach more advanced stuff, but God would have none of that.

He directed me towards teaching a three-year-old child wanting to roll her handkerchief into spring rolls over the piano keys, more than playing the piano.

God also made me teach Filipino and Korean students, from that three-year-old chef, to a 45-year-old neurologist.

So, in between, I had many elementary, high school, and college students, professionals, mothers, sons, and daughters, who wanted to know how to play the piano.

Funny thing is, most of my younger students merely wanted to talk about stuff they couldn't tell others, like disturbing dreams, visions of ghosts, boys, and personal goals.

I became their trusted confidante.

I was also more interested in re-connecting them with their personal "rhythm", so I listened as they would tell me stories of their lives.

Soon, whenever anyone at the counter would request for a "kind" piano teacher, I'd be given the students, and found myself teaching over 100 students throughout that strange period, working from Monday to Sunday.

As God would have it, I didn't do recitals, to the great delight of majority of my students, and to the great dismay of parents and grandparents, who were hoping they'd have a chance to clap for their wards.

I had some revolutionary ideas about work, and showing off my students as obedient, little gerbils wasn't one of them.

An idea occurred to me, so I coached my students to consider the Middle C (Do) as "Christ", who they'll keep going back to whenever they'd get "lost".

Each time I'd tell them that, they'd look at me in wonder, as if I'd hit on a gold mine, or something, and they'd continue to stare in awe, as the golden truth hit them.

But God wanted me to do that for only 2 1/2 years.

After that, I got into a plateau, and didn't quite know what to do anymore.

Like I said, I never had problems with jobs.

I was always given a job, whether I could do it or not. 

One look at my eager, dancing eyes, and the employers seemed to know I could do the work.

I always had some enterprise I could do, whenever an idea hit me.

After a while of odd jobs, and lots of twists and turns in the small city, it finally occurred to me that God didn't want me earning mega-bucks, for if I did, I'd take the next bus, back to the big city.

And that defeats the whole purpose.

Nope, didn't fit His plans.

Before going to the U.S. in 2007, I had this brilliant idea of creating a tiny cafe.

I'm probably a short-order cook, liked simple stuff -- mostly Italian pasta, freshly-brewed coffee, eclairs, brownies, tuna sandwiches.

I was able to sell the concept to a young couple, and when I came back from the U.S., I created another such cafe concept in a tiny nook of a medium-range mall.

Again, I was able to sell the idea.

After that, I started doing bazaars, for that's how I started my retail shops -- by selling at bazaars.

So, I was used to creating, selling, designing, merchandising, hauling stuff -- even on my own.

I had no five-year-plan.

That didn't bother a bunch of graduating Business Management students from India, who were taking their masters at an Asian management school in the big city.

One look at my offbeat shop, they thought it was worth a study.

They didn't care I had no usual five-year-plan.

But, in the process, I was able to create a 3-point business philosophy that served me well.

That will be for another article, for it is now subject to "revision", with the addition of something more important. 

Anyway, in the big city -- the financial capital of my country -- God allowed me all kinds of work.

Back in the small city, things had drastically changed.

Everything was so humbling.

You know that feeling where you may have lost your "touch"?

Well, it went on for a very looooooong time.

So long, that before my last birthday on 6 September of last year, I wondered what I was to do.

I couldn't keep doing odd jobs, where, income was as odd.

Turned out, God really had other plans for me.

Just that He had to make sure my heart was in the right place -- humbled, with Him, and not thinking about money.

Seeing that, He knew I was ready to become a born-again Christian, where before, I was a Roman Catholic.

Huh, how'd that happen?

Read here, that's how.

Long story short, I started writing fiction, which I had not really done before.

Strangely, I began writing about my dreams and visions, which I incorporated in those 22 books on spiritual warfare.

What I didn't know was that, God's timing was excellent!

Well, when was it ever not?

As I was writing quietly from home, cooped up in my room, as people everywhere were traveling and partying non-stop around me for 36 days, from 24 November to 30 December 2019, trouble in the world was brewing.

Then the covid crisis hit. 

Ah, so that's what.

That was the whole objective of my writing "exercise".

That, finally, it was time to share those dreams and visions.

And that, because I had a growing understanding of SCRIPTURE, God knew my writing was just as He wanted it to be.

And that, all the work I've done in the past, odd and even work, served a purpose.

That my writing had to be backed by the Word of God, so it could lead people back to God. 

For the world has erred gravely, and it was time for correction.

Of course, the first to be corrected was the scribe herself -- moi.

God had put me in the perfect place, at the perfect time, doing the perfect thing -- writing in His Service.

God has used everything I know, all I've been through, and all that's still growing in my spiritual understanding, to share with you, through the blogs I create, the internet businesses I share, and the articles I write.

And you know what?

I dearly feel that God and I are just warming up!

I am just beginning to piece things together, with God revealing more, as we go along.

How the world will progress, or regress, in the next months to come, is material for further work -- as testimony for the might and power of God.

In short, I had been "positioned" by God to do the work He created me to do, for He knows I care what happens to people.

All my life and work experiences, even my college education -- all had a specific purpose in God's plan for me.

Trust that everything you go through in life has a purpose, and is never wasted. 

You really have to look into your own life, see where you'd been, review your successes and failures, re-assess your goals, and if you align yourself with God -- through Jesus -- you will finally see all you need to see.

The Holy Spirit -- the "teacher of all things" -- will help you see clearly.

You will see the connections in seeming random events, or with the stuff that don't seem to tie up in your life, and determine what work springs from that.

Your job is to determine the job that's really cut out for you, under the grace and guidance of God.

For myself, my writing ministry is what I was born to do.

No matter how my father made me deviate from my writing, making me take up Architecture instead, no matter I had at least three dozen other jobs, I went back to square one -- writing -- for it came naturally to me.

And now that there's a worldwide health crisis, working from home, with just a laptop, wifi, and God, was all I really needed.

Our lives are just a blink in God's eye.

What seems eternity for us is but a blink in His eye.

We do not see how God sees, and the rich material of our lives have a purpose, as designed by the Creator. 

My life, with all the joys and pain, the successes and failures, the essential learning, the growing understanding, and using the Bible as source of knowledge of God, had become my only reference for the writing I'm doing now.

All the hardship was worth it.

Honed by fire. 

"And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:"

Ephesians 6:17 (King James Version)

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