Walk and Work With a Spring to Your Step

Enthusiasm works.

It has worked for me all the time.

Got me jobs all the time.

And when I had no idea how to do the work, I merely got creative, asked the experts, did some research, and taught myself fast.

I took great responsibility for teaching myself, as I didn't want to bother anyone.

I figure, I'm a reader.

I can teach myself stuff.

That's how I learned fast.

I love working.

That gives me enthusiasm in itself.

I love creating.

That gives me tireless energy.

I love inventing.

That gives me childlike happiness.

I love helping and serving.

That gives value to the work I do.

No matter how simple, humble, or seeming inconsequential your work may be, don't scoff at it.

What is nothing to you, may be gold to another.

And vice-versa.

The important thing is you have purpose.

Why do you do the work you do?

Is it for self, or others?

What are the things that matter to you?

Power, prestige, fame, fortune, money, world domination?

Or perhaps, serving God -- through others -- is enough?

Only you know what value your work brings.

Only you know if your work is satisfactory.

Only you know if your work is necessary.

Only you know if your work pleases your soul.

Obviously, if you're not happy, why are you not doing something else?

Work is God made visible on earth.

I don't remember if I thought that up, or someone did.

Through our hands, through our heart, through our brains, through our feet, we are able to serve others.

I just know that work is precious, and I must do the work I love, for a greater purpose than just making money.

So, I made my focus bigger.

In fact, my focus was GOD.

I'd pray to Jesus, to please guide me, every step of the way.

After all, He is the WAY.

I do not trust my own judgment.

It has to be ALL of God's judgment alone.

When I started thinking that way, work became exponentially fun!

Work was not work anymore.

I don't even think of money anymore, despite so many people worrying about it.

I had faith in God, and in my self.

So far, since I became really close to Jesus, all my needs are being met.

And my needs are basic, and so very simple.

Living in a third world (or is it developing?) country was a good training ground for me.

Not owning a house, nor a car, but just having the clothes on my back, plus my laptop, and wifi, has created discipline and creativity in me.

I used to own a house and a car, and so many other things, but I messed up.

So, I 'fessed up.

I count every blessing I have, more than ever.

Just trust that God will leave/give you the essentials.

Work with that.

I don't even keep anything for myself.

All I have is for the people I care for, and as an offering back to God, for the life and talents I'm given.

It is not mine to hoard -- money, or talent.

It is mine to share, and to give.

It is mine to test my inventiveness, and creativity.

It is mine to stretch my own capacity for generosity.

Thus, I walk and work, with a spring to my step.

Loving God does that to you.

Work has become magnanimous.

You wake up happy each day.

You work happy.

There are not enough hours in a day to do the work you love, and to serve the people who need your help.

You've become simple, and serene.

You've become grateful, and gracious.

You've become a true child of God.