Think Like a Child When You Want to Have Ideas

I have a simple brain.

I think like a child.

But, I'm also a child with an entrepreneur's brain.

Although my father was a doctor, he plucked himself out of a comfortable home in the province, and set out on his own.

When the kids started coming along, and he decided only the best school would do, he experienced extreme hardship.

I grew up in that environment, where I would look longingly at my rich classmate's roast beef sandwiches for lunch, Alladin lunch boxes and thermoses, and wonder what goodies they'd have in there, all the while thinking I'd like to have those cool lunch boxes and thermoses -- somehow made food taste better.

The aromas teased me no end.

Well, I was also nuts about a particular chocolate cupcake, with glorious chocolate frosting on top, which I could buy at the canteen.

Thing is, it cost 25 centavos.

In those days, it was affordable enough, but I didn't have money.



What did I do, as my eagle eyes unwaveringly focused on that chocolate lovely?

I made straw roses, perching them atop a toothpick, wrapping that toothpick with straw as well.

It really did look like "roses".

Had sepals, too, btw.

Ha, you think I'd make ordinary roses?

Nope, my reputation and stomach was on the line.

I'd make five of them, which fit in a tiny box of my favorite chocolates.

What is it with me and chocolates?

Ask any child, and they'd look at you funny.

Anyway, this micro eight-year-old entrepreneur sold those "roses" at five centavos apiece.

Then I ran straight to the canteen, jumping with great joy, almost dancing in the process, bought my lovely cupcake, and alternately devoured, and relished the beauty with the chocolate frosting, licking the corrugated wrapper clean.

I went to cupcake heaven!

You think one cupcake would do?

Nah, I had to have another.

Entrepreneurs can be kinda shameless.

This time, I decided to exchange empty soda bottles for five centavos apiece.

Bingo, five of them, and I'd have another cupcake.

I had quite a shameless operation at such a young age.

Where others were playing and running, I was playing, running, and hatching up ideas to buy my chocolate cupcake.

Now, you understand that when I see apples nearly rotting on the ground in America, with many owners hardly caring about it, even birds scoffing at the over-production, I think of apple sauce.

When I see peaches or nectarines left to rot, I also think of preserving them.

And the old idea of having lemons, and making lemonade, holds forever true.

Kids have really got it to a "T".

When you become an adult, you tend to scoff at such shameless ideas, but no, kids have no shameful bone in their body.

They want a chocolate bar, they intend to get it.

They want a toy, they intend to get it.

Just that our methods can vary.

Others cry, stomp their feet, make a lot of ruckus, pout, scream, until adults cave in, and either give them a spanking, make them face a corner, or give them the item.

In my case, I always sought ideas on how to obtain my cherished goal, using my coconut, whatever resources I may have -- at the moment.

I never cried, stomped my feet, made a ruckus, pouted, screamed, waiting for adults to cave in, to either spank me, make me face a corner, or reward me.

Good God, no.

I would never be caught dead doing that, nope, ever.

I was an independent, proud thinker, from day one.

I thought about things quietly, mulling over options, and would occasionally smile, often laugh, and raise an arm in victory, when I thought my idea rocked.

I lived in my imaginative head.

I'd even dance when my ideas especially rocked.

Or jump in joy, and excitement, unable to contain my jumping jelly beans energy.

I was a nut not fit to be tied.

I would also doodle endless notes, charts, drawings, when I needed to see connections about my ideas.

More often than not, I merely did stuff.

I headed straight for the jugular.

Only one way to find out if something works.

Sportswear Nike could have told you.

You simply have to do it.

Entrepreneurs make adjustments along the way.

We literally fly by the seat of our pants, but have to hit the ground running.

Also, we don't think of ways it won't work.

"Whatchatalkin' bout?"

 By golly, we only think we've GOT to MAKE it WORK -- our WHOLE life is on the line!

And when it fails?

Well, we merely think of new projects, duh.

Boredom is not part of an entrepreneur's DNA, just so you know.