The Work Objective

Many years ago, in 1991, I was a freelance journalist for World Executive's Digest, based in Makati, Philippines -- the financial center of my country.

I was tasked to write a quarterly, two-page column on executive health and fitness.

As such I had tons of research on health and fitness.

It occurred to me -- since it was close to my heart -- to create a newsletter called, "Work and Well-Being".

Since I'd formerly been managing editor of the monthly "Business Journal" of The American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Inc., I knew how to create "dummies" -- a mock-up of the publication itself.

Those were pre-computer days; everything was done by hand, and I was able to make a mock-up of W&WB.

I showed it to a friend of mine, and he seemed impressed by my rough idea, and got ideas of his own regarding my career.

Before you know it, he convinced me to start creating and conducting lectures on business writing and communications.

Where I had been a shy, retiring individual, afraid to speak in public, I suddenly found myself conducting two-day and half-day lectures to regional bank managers, regional sales managers, many other executives, front liners, and other lecturers, too.

As is always the case in any work I do, God puts me on the battle field right away, and I don't have time to say no, or to even think about it.

Most of the time, I merely hit the ground running, with whatever resources or creativity I have.

With my Harvard-educated mentor's prodding, I successfully wrote and conducted business writing lectures, which were well-received.

In the process, I had set aside my Work & Well-Being newsletter project for now.

As if making sure it was going to be shelved for decades, an opportunity to become an entrepreneur and have my world arts and crafts shop presented itself in 1995.

This was also the time I was being offered a six-month consultancy to teach older business executives to write, at my country's top pharma marketing firm.


To teach, or to sell?

One had sure income; one was going to be created from scratch.

Selling won out, and there went any further thoughts about Work & Well Being and the potential business communications consultancy with the sure income.

Like I said in other blogs and posts, I held at least three dozen jobs, and that's not a boast.

I merely did what I was called to do, given the knowledge and speedy self-education I had to apply, in order to do the job right away.

And now, many decades after, I find myself working from home, as a writer and online marketer, just like many others in this digital world.

Since the covid crisis starting November last year, I knew God had prepared me well to work from home.

The preparation was long and exhausting, for I resisted for the longest time.

I was used to serving people up-front, but God knew there was much back-office work I needed to do -- mostly a "searching" of the heart, because He had other plans for me.

And today, minutes ago -- and 29 years later -- I knew it was time to finally launch something about work, considering I had shelved it for the longest time.

A good idea doesn't die a natural death.

All I give you today, has been a product of real, and stock knowledge in the world of work, health, customer service, communications, entrepreneurship, and a deep love for God, and respect for all people.

Please welcome "The Work Objective".

It has only one intention: "To work, under the Grace and Guidance of God".

From my writings on another blog, you will see that life has been challenging for most people, only because we are fighting many battles, with unseen forces.

I am here, as writer and worker, with my heart in the right place, to offer you many practical and caring ideas how to make life easier for each other, whether you are an employer, an employee, or an entrepreneur.

It doesn't matter whether you are a president of a country, a CEO, or an every day worker like me.

We're all in the same boat.

We all stand on the same planet.

Hopefully, we all serve the same God.

As with everything else, I stick to the simple basics.

I do not believe in complicated schemes, and thinking.

I only believe in what is immediate, and workable.

You have enough on your mind, enough challenges on your plate, and this covid crisis merely challenges all of us to wake up, and start caring.

We are also asked to create, and maybe re-invent work, and the delivery of it.

The covid crisis has challenged all old forms of work and employment, and if we are to survive, we must have more heart, be more grateful, be more content, and become more creative.

True power comes from God alone.

Industries which reek of greed, lust for power, and vanity have been hardest hit with this crisis, and it's about time.

It's time to care about the forgotten ones, which is most of us, the real, every day folks who labor each day, living on the fringes of society, not really eager to make a mark in this world, or to outdo the industrial and financial giants.

We have no personal ambition to dominate the world.

Are you such a worker?

This blog is for those who care to create work that honors God in each one of us.

The old work ethic didn't have ethics.

It's time to create a new world of work, where all people are respected, and honored.

This could only be done by examining the principles behind the work we do.

And it has to be done with great speed, for time is running short.

We are all in this together, and by the grace of God, we shall overcome all challenges that may come our way.

The happiest worker is the one who cares.

At the end of the day, tired as he* may be, there lies a smile on his face, for work well done, and for a heart that truly cared.

And at the end of our lives, we can hold that heart in our hands, and present it back to the Creator, who knew how we had been all along.

Please join me as I explore, in the succeeding posts, the many ways we can all make life easier for people, addressed by industry, as it comes to mind from my heart.

Most of the industries that have no ethics have already been addressed in my 22 fiction books on Amazon.

I am a detailed thinker, and I aim to explore everything in detail.

If this blog and aim interests you, continue to read the next posts, thank you!

As always, all glory belong to God, and God alone.

I am merely in His service.

*For purposes of simplicity, I will address everything as "he", when such is needed. This is no affront on women, for I am a woman, and it doesn't bother me one bit.

Weird...everything's going so fast since I wrote this first post.

Look what new work I "discovered" for my friend!

God's speed is astounding!