On Being a Cheerful Worker

Workers for God don't have long faces.

They have hearts full of joy, eagerness, anticipation, excitement, and creativity.

They're not busy hatching the latest plot, scheme, or dour objective.

Such things don't even occur to them, for their hearts are infused by the Holy Spirit, egging them to create something of real value to others.

You will not expect cheerful workers of God focusing on money.

They only serve God, not mammon.

They know that life on earth, is but a blink in God's eye.

They aim to make that life worth their soul.

They will not create products, services, and devices that will harm others, knowingly, or unknowingly.

And, if they have become part and party to such motives -- unknowingly -- they will immediately leave such elements of destruction, and pray that they be brought back into God's fold.

They will immediately correct their erring thoughts, words, and ways, and seek the path back to Jesus.

Your soul will always make sure you get back on that path, for that is the ONLY path.

If there is unhappiness in your heart, you know that there is something wrong, and you need to re-align yourself with Jesus.

Look at how Jesus worked.

He worked with only what God had given Him -- Himself.

He worked with Scripture, with God's Will, and with the knowledge He already had in His heart.

He sought no material gain.

He sought no accolade or praise.

He would often say that praise and glory belong only to His Father.

He taught us how to love each other.

He taught, and lived, simply, but firmly, and yet, when His followers would shoo the children away, He reminded people of the following:

"And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven."

Matthew 18:3 (King James Version)

The kingdom of God belongs to the little one, the happy one.

But, oftentimes, adults snuff the joy from that little one.

Children could show us, a thing or two, about what happiness means.

It is a rare child who doesn't smile, laugh, play, run, or think of cool, happy, creative things.

They get "adulterated" by "adults".

Keep your heart happy, cheerful, as your brand of work sings praises to the LORD.

Your work is your gift back to God, in gratitude for the many gifts and blessings He has given you.

Stop for a moment and review what God may have gifted you with.

Perhaps, you've forgotten.

Perhaps, you compare yourself with others.

I see many such people around me, sometimes, too close to home.

And here I am, cheering everyone up, not in denial of things, but merely because I, too, have a child-like heart.

I see the glory of God, and know what my future will be, for I read the Bible.

I've read Jesus' words.

I know where I'll be, or at least, where I aim to be.

But at the moment, I'm here, writing this piece, sharing the Good News with you.

Jesus, and life eternal, is the Good News.

By every step we take, every breath we take, every service we deliver -- all offered back to God, even as we serve others -- is our very own gift, in reflection of our own understanding of God's Laws and Jesus' Promises.

I am so far from perfect.

So, very very far from perfect.

But, at least, I'm taking those first, tiny, baby steps, and I aim to understand more, and more, each day.

Take that first step.

Smile, and be in God's Grace.

Smile, and serve others well.

Smile, and do your very best.

Smile, not because you are being paid to smile.

Smile, because you know Jesus is the Way.

Smile, because all your efforts are worth it.

Smile, because you are God's own.

Smile, because you are of great value to others.

Smile, because your heart is tickled by how much you can do, with all the creativity you've got.

Smile, because you love your work, and I hope you do, for it is your own gift back to God, your self, and the world.

Smile, because your work is your own stamp in this world, not for praise, payment, or recognition, but because you are God's child on earth, doing what you were created to do.

That is fulfillment in itself.

I was created to have a tough life, with an independent mind, and to write about all the many wonderful ways we can thank God, for the life given.

My tough circumstances, from day one, forged this cheerful spirit in me.

It tested the mettle of my spirit.

And I believe, no matter how tough it got, how many people challenged my beliefs, how many people scoffed at my seeming-presumptions, I can only say, it's backed by Scripture.

And yet, despite all the challenges, I manage to smile, and serve, and write cheerfully.

Only because God is in my heart.

Let God be the only Source of happiness in your heart, and your heart will dance, your work will sing, your soul will rejoice.

Like I'm writing this piece before 4 a.m., while God's people are still asleep in my part of the world.

I'm a writer, God wanted this piece written, so, I write!