In His Majesty's Open Service

I work for God.

Thus, I am in His Majesty's Open Service.

I don't believe in secret.

When you work for God, you work out in the open.

Nothing covert, or manipulative, about it.

You work, guided by God each day.

You do not think for yourself, you wait for God to "alert" you and to guide you to what you need to do.

Coupled with your own, sharp instincts, God at the helm will surely make sure you do work that is beneficial.

God's workers don't think of self, for they have no ego.

The aim is always to serve others, and thus, you end up serving God, for there is only God.

Serving God also means you make use of the gifts and talents He gave you, not to show off, but to merely serve to the best of your ability.

There is no desire to dominate the world, to hoard gold, money, or talent.

There is only a desire to serve, guided by God in your heart.

It took me 29 years to finally create this blog, even as its seeds could be found as "Work and Well-Being" newsletter -- during my pre-computer days.

When you serve God, there is nobility in your work.

You are like a knight of the old.

You have principles that don't swerve with popular demands or expectations.

Sound principles don't sway, period.

What could be the soundest principle than serving God, and your fellow men, with all your heart?

You probably thought there'd be other principles.

Nope, just GOD.

I will never tire talking about God, for how can I?

God created me.

I won't be here if not for God.

Same with you, you won't even exist.

Have we gotten that point straight out?

Deny that fact all you want.

You go back to square one -- God.

It is inevitable we go back to God.

What better way than to start loving God more than ever, aligning our work with Him, asking Him to show us how to serve others, and to focus on Him alone?

That makes any kind of work, humble as it may be, grand.

In truth, only God knows the contents of our heart, and only He knows if we are true servants or not.

Of course, you'd know for yourself, too.

If work gives you a deep joy and fulfillment, making you excited to serve, and not think of money so much, then you know you are aligned with God.

Like I said, I'll keep things simple here, even child-like, but that's really how to see self, God, and the world.

Think like a child -- pure, clear, and playful.

Sure, some kids are selfish, too, but I'm not that kind of a child.

I've already grown from that.

I am now a true servant of CHRIST.

And if you get confused about God and Christ, let Jesus tell you in His own words:

"I and my Father are one."

John 10: 30 (King James Version)

All I give you on this blog comes from my heart, my real experiences, my stock knowledge, my research, my new ideas, and whatever works for real -- everything God taught me, and guided me to.

So, we start with the principles first.

GOD -- the Only Principle.

The only true King I serve.

Let all your work have God as SOURCE alone.

And watch how you and your work are transformed.

Watch, too, how the world will be transformed.

All because you loved God first.